PRIDE Music Typically Angie

I’m listen to my favorite song from my favorite band and I realise: when I first heard to avenged sevenfold I didn’t need the lyrics to feel! I didn’t even try to hear the lyrics! Just the sound of their music was enough to release a hurricane of feelings in me! Then when I ear the lyrics and sing along I felt powerful! The kind of powerful that make you win against everyone and everything! Because of that Avenged Sevenfold are my favorite band! Because my favorite band would have to play the kind of music that make me feel like this!

I feel I could be less damaged but I can’t stop the pain sometimes. Is not that I’m not healing… I am… But without anyone helping! I can do that on my own! It’s proved that I can! But I still have my scars and everything happened to recently to just be a new person again as you wish! I’m just who I am and I will improved but not how everyone wants! I could find the courage to save me so I will save and turn to the person I want! Courage to try, to fight and to save!

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